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Connaught PS

We would like to acknowledge that our schools are on unceded Algonquin Territory, and thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us on their land.

Our School

For over 100 years, there has been a school on this site. Our current school building was erected in 1994. It is built around an Art Deco "tree" just as many schools in tropical countries are centred around a tree. When the new school opened, students contributed to a time capsule, which was opened in June 2015. This date marked the 100th birthday of the naming of Connaught Public School, after the Duke of Connaught, a former Governor‐General of Canada.

Our school is located in the heart of the Hintonburg community and our school location allows our students, staff and parent community to easily collaborate with all the rich opportunities and expertise this community has to offer. We are a dual track, three‐storey building, which has been a part of our city’s landscape for almost a century. Within our school walls, we have bright spacious classrooms, a large library, two gyms, and a beautiful Art Deco stage. Our school yard is divided into two areas; one for grade 1 to 6 students and another area for our Full‐Day Kindergarten students and Extended Day Program students.

Our school policy states our commitment to ensure that Connaught is a welcoming, caring and supportive school, a place where all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential in literacy, numeracy, problem solving and character development. It is a safe place where the 4Rs are practiced; Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Recognition.

Our Students

Connaught Public School is home to approximately 380 students representing over 20 countries and languages from Junior Kindergarten to grade 6. It is enriched by its diverse ethno‐cultural and multilingual student population. Many students speak a language other than English in their homes. These include Finnish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Somali, Russian, Croatian, French, and many others.

Connaught students are proud of their school and are respectful and supportive of each other. They warmly receive the special needs students who attend our community school, further enriching and contributing to our diverse environment.

What students say about our school:

"The teachers and students are caring and they have good manners."

"We have a lot of choices and the power to make change."

"We have a lot of extra‐curricular activities.”

When our grade six students leave Connaught Public School for middle school they attend Fisher Park/Summit for Grade seven and eight.

Our Staff

Connaught Public School staff includes our principal, vice-principal, 25 teachers, 1 library technician, 3.5 educational assistants, 8 early childhood educators, 1 office administrator, 1 part time office assistant, 3 custodians and 2 adult lunch monitors. We are supported by our district’s psychologist, speech and language pathologist and social worker.

Our teachers hold a wide range of qualifications and bring a wealth of national and international teaching experience to our school. They act as Associate Teachers for University Faculties of Education, as trainers for secondary school students in cooperative education programs, and as supervisors in the University of Ottawa mentorship program. They work collaboratively to provide a variety of opportunities to engage our students and to consistently improve student achievement. Our staff believes in our community and supports sports, cultural, and social activities for our students and their families. They are a group of dedicated professionals that are always striving to foster a safe and caring learning environment.

Our Community

Parents and Community

Connaught Public School welcomes parents and volunteers from our rich and diverse Hintonburg community. We welcome are many wonderful volunteers into our community school. Several community and parent volunteers support school activities, including literacy and support programs and accompanying students on rich learning experiences in our community.

Our School Council is active in sponsoring programs, events and fundraisers. The Connaught P.S. School Council is composed of members of the school community, parents / guardians, and community representatives. The West Branch of the Public Library is adjacent to our school and is a valuable partner in our many literacy initiatives.

Hintonburg Community Center offers an after‐school child care program. Family Services Canada, the YW/YMCA, ONFE, Kiwanis and Statistics Canada provide support with programs and volunteers. Arts Smart and MASC offer cultural programs and performances for our students and families to enjoy. We are grateful to the many local businesses and organizations that support our breakfast program and school events.

Mission Statement

Connaught Public School is a welcoming, caring and supportive school where children are encouraged to reach their academic and social potential. It is a safe place where the "4 R’s" are practiced: Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Recognition. At the core of our school community is the strong emphasis on character development and embedding all of the character attributes found in our district’s Community of Character. We also embrace our district’s mission of "Educating for success‐inspiring learning and building citizenship."

Facilities and Resources

  • A library/resource center
  • A Parent & Volunteer Resource Room
  • Two gymnasiums
  • Wheelchair accessible (elevator / ramps)
  • On‐site school age extended day program
  • Breakfast Program
  • Separate Kindergarten yard with play structure
  • Primary / Junior Play structure
  • Soccer Field
  • SMART board or Interactive Whiteboard in each classroom

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Connaught P.S. is a dual track school, offering the English program, the French Immersion program and bilingual Kindergarten.The Regular English program offers 200 minutes of Core French each week for grade 1 to 6 students. The Early French Immersion Program starts in grade 1 and continues to grade 6. We have four Full‐Day Learning Year 1 and Year 2 (Kindergarten) classes. "The purpose of the full day program is to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years, and to do so in a safe and caring play‐based environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all children." Ministry of Education

We also have one System Primary Semi‐integrated Developmental Disability class.

Classroom Organization

Connaught Public School is organized as follows:

4 Yr1/Yr2 Full Day Bilingual 

2 Grade 1 French Immersion

Grade 1/2 English

2 Grade 2 French Immersion

Grade 2/3 English

2 Grade 3 French Immersion

Grade 4/5English

Grade 4 French Immersion

Grade 5/6 English

Grade 5 French Immersion

1 DD class

Grade 6 French Immersion

Special Education and ESL Programs

The Special Education Staff provide assessments of students and work collaboratively with the classroom teachers to develop programming for students that is differentiated to their specific needs and requirements. Our English as a Second Language Staff provides special support to students who are new to Canada or to the English language. There is one Specialized Special Education Class of Primary students with developmental disabilities.

Learning Support Teacher (LST)

Learning Resource Teachers (LRT)

Special Education‐Primary / Junior Developmental Disability System Class (DD)

English as a Second Language support (ESL)

Clubs and Activities

  • Chess Club
  • Reading and Math Buddies
  • School Soccer Team for boys and girls
  • School Borden ball Team for boys and girls
  • Green Team Environmental Club
  • Leadership Club
  • Walking Club
  • Coding "Scratch" Club
  • School Play

Connaught House System

Connaught Public School also has a house system in place that promotes inclusion. Each student in the school from grades 1-6 is put into one of ten school house colours. Every month, the houses meet and discuss specific character traits through read alouds and work cooperatively on math-based interactive activities. Some of the benefits of the house system include:

  • Creates a sense of community within the school
  • Gives time for French Immersion students and English program students to interact and connect
  • Gives the house leaders an opportunity to meet other students in the school
  • Gives the students another adult to go to other than their teachers (caring adult)
  • Our system is not competitive in nature; it is more inclusive and accepting
  • Our focus is building our Connaught community through our Community of Character
  • Our goal is to build relationships with all students in the school, not only those in our own classes

Safe Schools Initiatives

Students have a right to learn in a school environment which is positive, safe and free from disruptions which interfere with learning activities. At Connaught the Four R’s (Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Recognition) helps the students work cooperatively, make good decisions, and take positive actions that create an atmosphere favourable for learning. Students are also working on developing strong relationships with others through restorative conversations and corrective and supportive initiatives. At the core of our safe schools initiatives are character development, respect for equity and diversity, and restorative practices.

Social Skills & Leadership Programs

Character Development and Citizenship building opportunities

A personal safety program is taught at all grade levels

‘Safe and Caring Schools’ Curriculum

True Sport

Right to Play 

Monthly Student Leadership and Recognition/Citizenship Assemblies

Safe Schools Team

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